Shirah Foy

Shirah Foy

After seven years on a round-the-world trip which took her to 31 countries, Shirah has settled in Helsinki, Finland where she studies Strategy in the Master's program at Aalto University. Her last home was in Nepal's Himalaya region, where she lived near Mt. Everest in a Buddhist monastery as a volunteer English teacher. In 2012, she graduated from Belmont University with a Bachelor in International Entrepreneurship. She was the recipient of a Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship to study Russian language and entrepreneurship in Russia and Ukraine, during which time she interned in Public Relations at the U.S. Consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia, and conducted research for her thesis on the formation of entrepreneurial intentions in a transitional sociopolitical-economic context. Shirah has enjoyed working with social entrepreneurs in the U.S., Cambodia, Guatemala, Nepal, Finland, and around the world. After a short career in politics - working in the offices of an Oregon State Representative, a U.S. Congressman, the Leadership Institute, and the Departments of State and Commerce - she changed gears and launched Pointe3 Design Communications, a branding strategy and public relations company. Shirah speaks French, Russian, conversational Finnish and Spanish, and can get by in a mix of Nepali and Sherpa. She is a passionate Latin ballroom dancer, early morning riser, and lover of steep mountains and milk tea. When the tea pot's empty, you're likely to find her exploring something new to write about on her travel blog ( Her dream is to someday write on assignment for National Geographic Magazine.

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