Paul Mezier

Paul Mezier

Paul Mezier graduated in 2012 as a Master of Science from the London School of Economics. Interested in the sociology of organizations and its related disciplines, he wrote his thesis on the ways start-up businesses now emerge and benefit from networked communities. Aside of his studies, he worked to develop a crowdfunding platform in Europe, which led him to discover hidden cultural scenes all over the continent. He also builds an academic perspective on the ways technology transforms our society through a long-term research project on crowdsourcing at LSE. He now works in Dublin for a major software company, which gives him direct insights on the future of information technologies. Previous to that, he lived in France, the UK, the USA.

Recent Posts

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Ciudad Saludable organizes waste management in impoverished areas of Latin America: here in Lima, Peru

When you talk with her, it’s hard to find the moment that you could use to ask your following question. Albina Ruiz is one of those. She has the drive and focused energy of the ones who have fought for their vision to come true. For nearly three decades she has been building up a model of social enterprise, at first in Peru and progressively all over South America. She is now working to develop it in Asia.