Nora Ammann

Nora Ammann

"Nora is currently attending High School in Davos (Switzerland) where she is going to graduate in 2015. She is participating in the 'SAMDplus' program what gives here the opportunities to do some over-curricular activities next to school. She has for example been to Singapore for a school exchange, has participated in a national as well as an international EYP (European Youth Parliament), she was able to do an internship at the GRF (Global Risk Forum) in Davos where she helped to organise the 'One Health Summit 2013' and she took part in various projects of 'Swiss Youth in Science'. Before she came to Davos she had been in New Zealandabroad for an exchange year what she says was one of her most precious experiences. She has very broad interests and likes to learn new things. Development aid and international relationships might be a possibility for her future way. Next to this, she absolutely loves being outside in the nature and doing all sorts of sports such as running, biking, hiking, climbing and of course alpine and cross-country skiing in winter."

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