Natalie Hase

Natalie Hase

Natalie Hase is an undergraduate student of the Industrial Management Program, at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. During her second year of studies, Natalie will focus on the specialization of energy systems. Previously she studied Energy and the Environment, as well as Environmental Economics, at the Harvard Extension School. As an intern at the United Nations Environment Programme, within the division of Technology, Industry and Economics, Natalie was encouraged to find promising development opportunities and creating long lasting solutions, viewed both from an economic perspective, as well as a technical perspective. She wishes to be recognized for bringing forward a multidisciplinary approach, enabling us to capture both broad and deep environmental aspects into sustainable and prosperous business development. Natalie loves to be caught in conversations, being able to use one of the languages she commands; apart from Swedish she speaks English, Italian, French and Serbo-Croatian. Most often you will find her looking for new challenges and adventures. After living in the French Alps, there are only a few things she enjoys more than exploring the mountains.

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