Nasma Dasser

Nasma Dasser

Along with her undergrad studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Nasma Dasser, 19 years old, is the 2011/2012 Swiss Youth Representative to the United Nations. Since an early age she has been active in many fields leading various projects; advocating science for young women, raising awareness on environmental issues and strengthening young people’s voice in decision-making. Co-founder of Le Herissé, a regional newspaper written by High School Students she extended her journalism experience while attending the New Media Summer School in Belgrade and thereafter live reporting the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) and contributing actively to the European Commission 1st Digital Agenda Assembly in May’11. In July’11 she won the International Young Women in Public Affairs Award by the Zonta International Club. Nasma enjoys Opera Festivals during summer and loves learning languages; she is fluent in Arabic, French, German, English and currently studying Japanese and Korean. Follow me on Twitter: @Nasmadass

Recent Posts

Enhancing Your Writing Skills – A blog Post is a symphony

In this section, I will be looking  at how can we enhance writing skills, or in other words, make a post exciting and interesting to read. First of all, before even starting to write, think for a few seconds about these three questions:

*Who am I writing to? *Why am I writing to these people? *What is the best way to get my message across? *What is the message I want my readers to remember?

Too small to succeed ? Challenging Social Responsibility

We all know how big businesses are socially responsible, don’t we? From a buzzword to the new “way of managing business by considering the impact of activities on customers, employees and shareholders” (Businessweek), Corporate Social Responsibility  is now fully embracing corporate culture. Socially responsible projects and programs have attracted investments exponentially in the last decade. Several studies show the link between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and financial performance. By understanding that in order to do well, one must do good, CSR strategies have contributed extensively to their profit-maximisation objectives.

Resource Policy: The Musical Chairs Game

Together, Let’s imagine the Resources Policy Game. The game, which started almost twenty years ago in Rio at the First Earth Summit, is played by a group of 6 people. Arranged in a circle, 5 chairs face each other, while the players are all standing outside the circle. A non-playing individual plays the music, in this case, the “Sustainability Song”. Governments, NGOs, international institutions, academia, civil society and businesses are all outside the circle: walking, dancing, running or not moving at all.

What you didn’t know about Nanotechnology

Thirty out of 60 surveyed participants at the World Resources Forum feel skeptical about Nanotechnologies. 25% feel good and 25% don’t know what Nanotechnologies are. The reality is that we use Nanotechnologies in our everyday life. We eat, wear, or apply on our faces products that incorporate components that have been engineered at the molecular scale. From the skin cream you applied this morning, the camera you take pictures with to your toothpaste: Nanotech is everywhere.

It’s not about the Color – Defining Green Economy

It’s not about defining what Green is. It’s about defining which road to take. Let’s call it the Green Economy Roadmap. In order to reach the destination – green economy-, the highway is divided in two tracks: Growth or Development. One track is the Economic Growth approach, which is very appealing as it leads the way towards an economic recovery in the short term while increasing the output through the efficient use of resources.