Mihailo Terzic

Mihailo Terzic

Mihailo is an MBA student at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey. He is planning a career in business, preferably in consultancy, either in a multinational corporation or a local company. He has a solid academic background in Turkish Studies and political sciences. He likes to be up to date with current political and economic developments in Turkey and internationally. In the past, he worked as a journalist for a national student magazine. In his leisure time, he loves doing sports and uses every free moment to read a new book or watch a good movie.

Recent Posts

Can Tech Entrepreneurship Be a Solution to Youth Unemployment in Egypt?

Following the Arab Spring, observers in Egypt have noticed that more and more young people are interested in entrepreneurship and self-employment. Tech entrepreneurship especially is gaining increasing institutional support. Some even see it as a means of mitigating the country’s record-setting unemployment that has largely afflicted Egypt’s youth (80 percent of those unemployed are under 30). “Egyptians have been facing drastic sociopolitical and economic changes,” says Dalia Mohamad Abd-Allah, a young entrepreneur from Cairo. “Since young people have played a role in that change, they are getting a sense of ownership of their own destiny.

Youth Entrepreneurship: A Needed Trend in Turkey

The 16th International Business Forum took place this past October in Istanbul. It hosted many guests from emerging economies, a number of whom, naturally, were from Turkey. In terms of business, the best thing the republic can do for itself is ensure that its sizable youth population gets greater access to entrepreneurship. ISTANBUL, Turkey – As with other areas in the surrounding region, entrepreneurship has become a coal-hot issue for the Turkish government. In its eyes, it stands as the opportune nation for conducting business, as it boasts a modest corporate tax rate, low entry barriers, sky-high levels of tourism, a premium location, a close to double-digit growth rate and, most important, a very large, tech-inclined youth populace.

Impact Istanbul (6): A Muddled Path To Sustainable Production and Consumption

Mini-Series: Impact Istanbul features conference highlights, round-ups, interviews, Q&A’s, and speaker profiles. It is part of our International Business Forum 2013 live coverage. Mihailo Terzic says that it’s no question that the world needs more sustainable habits of developing and consuming products. But in emerging economies, whose role is it to make this happen? “It is possible to create a village, a community of people that would use green energy and live in sustainable way by using natural materials and products,” remarks Arindam Dasgupta, founder of Tambul Leaf Plates.