Lotte Kamphuis

Lotte Kamphuis

Lotte is an Erasmus Mundus Master student in Journalism, Media and Globalisation with a focus on politics. She is currently based in Amsterdam, but previously studied in Denmark and the United Kingdom. Lotte has worked as a crossmedia editor for various organizations, including Amnesty International, Aarhus University and the pan-European website Pandeia. Besides her love for lens-based media, she has a great passion for traveling.

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We Need to Talk About Non-Gender-Conforming Media Workers, Too

Banner at the 2013 Rally for Transgender Equality

Women’s magazine Marie Claire announced last July the addition of a new name to its masthead: author Janet Mock was named contributing editor. The news received wide media attention, not just because of Mock’s résumé but because of her gender identity as well. Mock is a professional writer who happens to be a transsexual woman. In the stories about her appointment, her gender identity and her new job were talked about in the same breath. Student Reporter talked with transsexual and intersex journalists about their perspectives on having a presence, voice and career in the media.