Julian Marwitz

Julian Marwitz

Julian Marwitz is a founder of Arineos, a construction company focused on energy efficiency. This company is active with refurbishments and new constructions throughout Europe, Africa and Middle East. Julian has studied law and economics in Geneva, Hong Kong and Germany. During his studies he founded several companies and worked in corporations like Microsoft, Volkswagen, SAP and Allianz. Some of his major achievements include winning the biggest startup competition for pupils in Germany, participating at creating a new legal convention for the UNEP and he is named as Siemens Future Influencer and Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum. Interested in various fields, he is a member of the Advisory Board of Damascus Fortune, an Indian company focused on nanotechnology with some ground-breaking inventions. At the moment, he is also Executive Assistant to the CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle in London, one of the biggest commercial real estate firms worldwide and is pursuing a Master of Sustainable Urban Development at the University of Oxford. He is passionate about sustainability, travelling, building technologies and the development of megacities.

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The Failure of Masdar City

Masdar City as it should look like after completion.

Masdar City in Abu Dhabi was designed to be the most sustainable community on earth. Not only that: The city should provide more than 70 % of the entire country’s energy, using solar power. But the project is 15 years behind schedule and the only residents are students of a local science institute.