Ieva Maniusyte

Ieva Maniusyte

Master's of Economics student at the University of St. Gallen, Ieva is Pro Journo's Editorial Researcher, obsessed with our future strategies and coverage projects. Having received her Bachelor's diploma from Vilnius University and spent a year at the University of Oxford further exploring academia, she is the one always interested in a wide range of issues: from media economics, to sustainable development and central banking. Before joining the team and diving deep into research, Ieva was working at a consultancy company and a central bank, where she was provided with rigorous professional training. For as long as she remembers, she was always putting aside some time for reading, writing, singing, playing the piano, dancing, and horse riding. She is rarely seen without her cherished camera glued to her eyes, lenses pointed towards something yet to become a picture.

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Davos Shuttle Talk

Goals, Not Skills, Make Leaders at Davos

In Davos, there’s a fleet of World Economic Forum shuttles to whisk people between the Congress Center, hotels, parties, side events, and meetings, just to name a few destinations. This gives us a window into their day and also lets us strike up interesting conversations. On the Line 1, we meet Sangeeth Varghese, an Indian leadership thinker as well as a founding curator of the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum. “I work in the strategic consulting industry in India. I also founded a nonprofit organization for student empowerment—it is called LeadCap Trust,” Varghese says.