Eliza Petrova

Eliza Petrova

Eliza Petrova is currently pursuing a MSc in Business and Economics, with a specialization in Economics, and a Master’s in International Management (CEMS) at the Stockholm School of Economics. Having studied Mandarin at both Xiamen University and Tsinghua University in China, she continues to further her understanding of the region by working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies. Most recently, Eliza worked as a reporter at a news agency in Stockholm covering the global financial markets. While writing her Bachelor’s thesis, examining Nobel Prize winner Eleanor Ostrom’s principles of collective action in the preservation of common pool resources, she deepened her interest in resource economics. Eliza enjoys being part of multicultural settings and exploring new locations as diverse as the fast-paced track in Beijing and the serenity of the Norwegian fjords.

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How Roskilde Festival Turned Into A Laboratory For Sustainability

Roskilde Festival Orange Stage

After a weeklong whiff of concerts, parties and events at the beginning of July, the Roskilde Festival site was covered with piles of food leftovers, partially disassembled tents, empty beer cans and other waste. The festival, located some 30 kilometers west of Copenhagen in Denmark “is a micro-cosmos which displays elements of the sustainability challenges faced on a global level,” says Esben Pedersen, Head of the Corporate Social Responsibility department of the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). “If it has the problems, it should also be able to present the solutions.”