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Goodbye, readers.

Pro Journo was a response to the huge forces that were re-shaping the media at the start of the 2010s. It aimed to give young people a role in media and to try to bring what is best in journalism to other fields. Over six years, Pro Journo trained dozens of young people from around the world, bringing them to practice journalism in places where they would not normally be present. We hope the skills they learnt are helping them in the many fields they have gone into.

Podcast: Anders Wijkman Discusses the Circular Economy

Pro Journo’s Stefan Hilsner and Nicole Pfefferle interview Anders Wijkman, vice-president of the Club of Rome and a senior advisor at the Stockholm Environmental Institute at the World Resources Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Wijkman, one of ‘circular economy’s’ leading promoters, discusses how it can change our societies where the environmental movement has gone wrong in its efforts to convince people to act to save the planet.

AXA Winterthur Partner Feature

AXA wirbt um Digital Natives zum Scouting zukünftiger Mobilitätsrisiken

Student Reporter nahm die Lancierung des Drive Recorders der AXA Winterthur (AXA) als Anlass für ein Gespräch mit Dieter Gosteli, Leiter Privatkunden bei der AXA. Entwickelt hat sich ein Gespräch über den schrittweisen Umgang von Innovationen in einem Grossunternehmen, die Herausforderung als Arbeitgeber Digital Natives zu integrieren und ein Versicherer, der sich als Technologieunternehmen versteht.