Doyun Kim

Doyun Kim

Doyun is a student at Wellesley College studying English and Sociology, and a writer interested in international affairs and cultural issues. At Wellesley, she is co-president of Advocates for North Korean Human Rights (ANKHR), a student group committed to improving human rights conditions in North Korea. In summer 2012, she interned for Seoul Selection, an English monthly magazine based in Seoul, writing feature stories and reporting on South Korean trends for an international audience. She is a staff writer for Student Reporter and covers their both online and offline events with media experts.

Recent Posts

Intro to Data-Driven Journalism with NZZ Data

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ZURICH – Data is all around us. We can access it with greater ease; hence, the recent boom in “data-driven journalism.” Data is used to structure the story inside and out, as a tool for verification and presentation, and everything in between. Many news organizations around the world are starting to publish stories and cover beats that can be better told through data. The same goes for our #urbanmobilityCH newsroom, where we will be publishing two stories driven by data. We invited Sylke Gruhnwald, head of the data team at NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung), one of Switzerland’s oldest and most widely circulated newspapers, to a Google hangout with us and asked her how her team works with data and how we can use data in our stories.