Bogar Alonso

Bogar Alonso

Bogar is a dedicated writer, editor and journalist who calls New York home. His work has appeared routinely on Vice, Complex Media, A&E Networks, Turner Broadcasting, and beyond. Apart from non-fiction writing, he also pens film scripts and poetry which have garnered him international awards, a screening at the 25th Silver Anniversary of the Chicago Latino Film Festival, as well as a Jerome Foundation Grant. Issues concerning immigration, economic sustainability, and the intersection of arts, activism, and technology, are dear to his heart.

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Fixing the Freelance Future: E-Work’s Brave New World Comes With Serious Drawbacks

As the next billion people come online, nations will need to ensure that their labor forces aren’t shortchanged in a hyper-competitive world.

Science writer Julian Taub has been freelancing for close to three years now. He has written for prominent publications, believes he has a strong network and understands what it takes to land work. Yet writing for the Web on a contingent basis hasn’t been easy. As Taub points out, he “would be afraid to do it as [his] sole source of income. Just because it’s very precarious: You don’t know what’s going to come up, there’s not many guarantees, and it’s really tough to be one step ahead” on a beat.