Berry Kennedy

Berry Kennedy

After graduating from Yale University in 2008, Berry Kennedy moved to Mexico to work with the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, Latin America’s largest national environmental fund. She returned to graduate school to get a dual degree MBA-MS in business and environmental science from the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan. During this time, she did summer internships with the Sustainability Department at Walmart and with the consulting firm The Cambridge Group. For the past three years, Berry has served as an associate and director of Social Venture Fund, the US's only student-run impact investing venture capital fund. Berry's interests include impact investing, market-based mechanisms that promote conservation and sustainable agricultural systems.

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When Disagreement Is a Good Thing: Coming to Terms With Impact Investing


Ask someone at TBLI 2013 for a definition of impact investing and you’re unlikely to get the same answer. Berry Kennedy listens to another part of the long conversation defining the impact investment field. There must be “clarity between philanthropy, CSR and investing efforts. They are not all impact investments,” stressed Ximena Escobar de Nogales, head of social performance management at Bamboo Finance, an inclusive-finance private equity firm. It was a bold opinion in a presentation to a room full philanthropists and corporate representatives who consider their work to be exactly that: impact investing.