Benoit Cotte

Benoit Cotte

Currently studying pharmacy in France, Benoit became, last year, a collaborator and member as part of the Hosting team in Hub Madrid , enterprise focusing on social entrepreneurship. He also ran a humanitarian project called Burkina FaSoLaSiDo until this summer and look foreward to lead other projects. Interested in working in various sectors, he has a good knowledge in the field of Pharmacy and which leads him to have special interest in ecology or agroalimentary sectors. His passion for writing and fine arts led him to launch a blog mingling poems, proses and photographs with French artists for next September. He speaks French, Spanish, English and is currently learning Chinese.

Recent Posts

A chinese point of view-Interviewing Pr. Yonglong Lu

Pr. Yonglong Lu, professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences was invited at the debate on the 4th Workshop of monday about “The Rise of the Bio-economy: Chinese and European approaches”. His remarks were quite assertive – “China is not suitable for sustainibility criteria? I don’t think so”-or- “In fact, China is the first country to publish his national agenda 21”. And I was curious to know more about his point of view, so after the session, I interviewed him.

Blue Economy: Sustainability or how to challenge entrepreneurs

On the very first session, the high level of the keynotes quickly engaged me. Dr J. Potocnik European, European Comissioner of the Environment, emphasized the fact that innovation is not just about technology but also about our behaviour. I agree: first in the minds of every entrepreneur should be achieving growth that enforces intelligent thinking. This sentence strucked me and reminded me οn my encounter with Günter Pauli at the HUB Madrid, where he was presenting his last book : the “blue economy”. The blue economy is best illustrated by an example from Günter Pauli: when you drink a cup of coffee, you are only consuming 0.01% of all the product’s supply chain.

We are the Student Reporters!

Maybe you have asked yourself: “Who are those Student Reporters?” So here is a very short video describing what we do and motivations for this project here in Davos – we hope you like it! We will also make interviews during the next couple of days, so you can keep up to date by visiting our Youtube Channel or following us on Twitter.

How to reconcile Sustainability and Urbanisation – with Mark Swilling

“Should we limit the use of ressources?” Mark Swilling will reflect on this during the first plenary session, basing his presentation on “Africa’s Development Challenges in a Resource Constrained World”. However, he also had declared “The key, it’s the innovation” during his collaboration on the United Nations Environment Program; as he trusts in mankind’s capacity to invent new sustainable technologies. He also pointed out the challenge of urbanisation which offers pooling services and scale economy. He emphasizes a paradox about urban zones : they use more resources but they also have a bigger potential for innovation. Currently, Mark Swilling is professor at the School of Public Leadership, University of Stellenbosch.