Audry Maulana

Audry Maulana

Audry Maulana is a master student in Istanbul University, Turkey. He is majoring in Political Science and International Relations, with concentration in Regionalism especially in The Politics of European Union. He also likes to study and discussed about renewable energies, education policies, youth, and volunteerism. His background includes social entrepreneurship, government relation, and web-based social media. He holds a bachelor degree in Political Sciences with distinction from Universitas Indonesia, his home country. In his spare time, Audry enjoys city-cycling, sky scrappers, indie films, and traditional art & culture.

Recent Posts

How Social Investments Help You Enjoy Your Potato Chips

Social projects that once depended on aid from donor agencies are shifting to what are known as “sustainable businesses.” But to stay sustainable, they need funding. Fortunately, as social issues arise, investors have changed how they invest capital. Instead of the biggest profit revenue, they are looking for the biggest impact—not to mention the healthiest snacks. ISTANBUL, Turkey — Somewhere in the middle of the lush, green mountainous region of Ecuador, groups of farmers are harvesting tons of potatoes, beetroots, parsnips and plantains. But instead of selling them as raw crops, they convert them into certified healthy snacks.

The Future Hinges on Young Entrepreneurs, but Can They Find Work?

As a way to reverse harrowing global youth-employment numbers, youth entrepreneurship is seen as a bright light at the end of a very long tunnel. But how viable of a solution is it? ISTANBUL, Turkey — The numbers are terrifying. According to recent research conducted by The Economist, around 24.4 percent, or about 290 million, of the world’s young people are currently unemployed. No wonder they’ve been dubbed the Jobless Generation.