Aranzazu Ballesteros

Aranzazu Ballesteros

Aranzazu is currently studying a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. Her main interests are politics, economics, journalism research, and, specially, socially sustainable development. She has been working in various projects with the purpose of encouraging citizen participation through social intervention models and urbanism. Along with this, she is the current economics editor of the largest online student newspaper in Mexico, Nueva Prensa. Aranza is a book worm who loves writing, debating, dancing, wealth distribution, culture, and art in general.

Recent Posts

Biking for a Better City

Cyclists riding around the Monterrey area.

It’s a regular Sunday afternoon in Monterrey. While most people are home with their families or enjoying the last days of summer inside their ranch houses–due to the nearly 40 degree heat–a handful have decided to do something “crazy”. At six in the afternoon, people start gathering at the local plaza, bringing along their bicycles, helmets, fluorescent clothes, and most importantly, their thirst for change. Despite the overwhelming heat, which makes it hard to breath, cyclists assemble, and thirty minutes later, they start their ride.