Andrea Perez

Andrea Perez

Andrea is a Non-Profit Management Master Student at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück in Germany. She speaks Spanish, German, English and Italian. While and after getting her degree in International Relations in Quito (Ecuador), Andrea got interested in sustainable development, in which she has been constantly active, in non-governmental as well as in governmental institutions (UN, Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affaris, Environmental Organizations). Her biggest mission is to achieve increasing respect for nature and for non-contacted peoples around the world. Andrea loves exploring new places and meeting new people. She is always ready for laughing, dancing or playing soccer.

Recent Posts

Are Green Taxes a Luxury for Developed Economies?

“What do you mean with ‘green’?” Emin asks while driving me to Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. This young Turkish taxi driver tells me (with his limited English, and even more limited body language, given he’s driving) he does not know what environmental taxes are, while pointing out the dozens of cars stacked in traffic on the right side, traffic he managed to avoid by maneuvering.

Impact Istanbul (7): Inviting Smallholder Farmers Into Global Markets

Mini-Series: Impact Istanbul features conference highlights, round-ups, interviews, Q&A’s, and speaker profiles. It is part of our International Business Forum 2013 live coverage. This time, a look at smallholder farmers: Over 2 billion people in the world depend on small-scale agriculture for their livelihood. How can inclusive business help smallholder farmers? After visiting Ethiopia, where coffee originates, Martin Elwert and Robert Rudnick became fascinated with the complexity and diversity of coffee aromas.

Live From IBF2013: Building the Future of Inclusive Business

As the 16th International Business Forum kicks off in Istanbul, our team of six Student Reporters is on the ground with interviews, insights and stories of inclusive and green businesses from around the world. We’ll hear from the entrepreneurs themselves, as well as global policymakers, development financial institution representatives, and a variety of practitioners discussing the future of green and inclusive businesses in emerging regional markets.