Pro Journo is a journalism non-profit organization for young people interested in economic and business aspects of today’s toughest societal challenges. We amplify their views and concerns in the global media landscape through high quality and independent journalism.

Purpose Statement

Ever since the birth of modern business journalism, the business press is becoming more influential and important for market-based and democratic societies around the world. With a business world that is increasingly more complex, fast-moving and interconnected, the sheer number and diversity of digital media products are accelerating to meet the growing demand for information and engagement.

A large and important proportion of this demand is by young people. With 50% of the world’s population being under 27, young people today are proving to be extremely passionate about economic and business aspects of today’s toughest societal challenges. As a generation, they’re ambitious to design, lead, and partake in social changemaking, and enthusiastic to influence global discussions.

And this is where our opportunity lies. With new Millennial media ventures becoming more and more successful, and blogging platforms popping up for every topic and voice imaginable, the fact “anyone can be a reporter” in the digital age has never been more true. The incredible growth of social and user-generated content in the last decade has been driving a huge momentum worldwide for young people participating in civic democracy.

However, what our generation misses is a systematic offering of resources, mentorship and strategic support from the journalism community. In particular, having a chance to learn about and engage with the long-standing journalism brands and most influential publications is limited to the relatively few in journalism schools. In turn, this type of high-quality journalism can certainly benefit from being more accessible and attractive to the global youth.

Our core impact is to amplify young people’s views and concerns in today’s global business and economic debates through journalism.

In the longterm, we’d like to be established as an independent and high quality journalism brand that systematically catalyzes on our generation’s enthusiasm to shape today’s business world and impact local economies worldwide.

We envision that, after having experienced the production and impact of journalism firsthand, our program alumni and learning community will become champions of the press in their diverse but passionate career paths – from social entrepreneurs and future economists to local community and global business leaders.

At the Global Forum for Management Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June 2012. Read: "Business Schools Not Ready for Prime Time"

Pro Journo

At the Global Forum for Management Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June 2012. Read: Business Schools Not Ready for Prime Time

What We Do

As a journalism education and outreach non-profit organization, we provide rigorous editorial support and a professional publishing and syndication process to produce and position for maximum impact media products that represent young people’s views and concerns.

The Pro Journo experience consists of the following:

  1. Team mobilization
    Young people are naturally drawn to specific topics and issues (“obsessions”). Meet and work with other likeminded, passionate reporters from around the world.
  2. Rigorous training
    Get targeted journalism training through direct mentorship by professional journalists.
  3. Original reporting
    Get out of the classroom and into the newsroom—participate in newsroom programs to report on specific obsessions.
  4. Publishing and syndication
    Get published in Pro Journo’s network of regional and global news syndicators.
Building an Obsessions Newsroom work session in New York. April 2014.

Pro Journo

Building an Obsessions Newsroom work session in New York. April 2014. Read: Obsessions: Bringing the Spirit of Blogging into the Newsroom

Our approach

The Pro Journo experience amplifies young people’s voice through journalism. The following ideas helped shape our vision:

  1. Global roots, global reach
    We mobilize and organize reporters across the world, empowering them to have a global reach through our extensive journalism and content partner network.
  2. Catalyst for conversation
    We accelerate the development of our reporters by immersing them in professional journalism experiences—preparing them to shape the conversation around emerging business and economic issues.
  3. Power of the journalistic process
    Equipped with the journalistic process, our reporters challenge the status quo, delivering fresh and critical perspectives while upholding the highest standards of journalistic quality and accountability.
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. January 2014. Read:

Pro Journo

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. January 2014. Read: Want to Plug Your Nation in Davos?

Numbers At-A-Glance

  • We draw young people from millennial communities around the world as well as students from universities both large and well-known and radical and niche.  With over 140 reporters to date, they come from 17 countries and represent 30 universities. Read more about them here.
  • We’ve done 32 newsroom projects and reported from 16 countries (United States, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, China, India, Thailand, Kenya, and South Africa).
  • We publish on average 200 articles a year, with 10k unique visitors monthly.
  • We regularly syndicate our articles. Past and current partners include: The Economist Group, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Moscow Times, NextBillion.net, GreenBiz.com, Fair Observer, PolicyMic, as well as student papers and University blogs.
  • To see what we accomplished in the past, read our 2013 review and 2012 review.


Pro Journo (formerly Student Reporter) was incubated by oikos, an international organization for sustainable economics and management education, and seed funded by Mercator Foundation Switzerland to incorporate in 2014 as an independent media non-profit organization. We are headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland with an office in New York City.

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