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What if the Wishes of Davos Leaders Came True?

Nation-states sending robots to war. Living until the age of 150. Addressing the “toddler wage gap.” The annual Davos conference is known for its grand goals and sometimes pie-in-the-sky ideas and predictions from technologists, economists, activists and CEOs.

That’s why this year Pro Journo plans to publish a series of hypothetical stories about what the world would look like if the statements we hear at Davos came true.

What if gender parity was achieved in boardrooms? If Switzerland banned human drivers altogether? If all developed countries established a basic income?

Writing fictional news articles may seem strange in a time plagued with fake news. But the articles will be on one hand a creative way to give color to the ideas being discussed at Davos — with or without the healthy dose of skepticism that fuels the media frenzy of Davos. On the other hand, we plan to seriously investigate how these ideas would affect the rest of the world and through storytelling hold them accountable to the unintended consequences and the cascading effects.

It mirrors The Economist’s annual World If issue and WIRED’s recently launched Fiction Issue. (Disclaimer: The Economist has provided training for our reporters in preparation for our reporting.)

Our stories will tip-toe between free-thinking thought experiments and forecasting. Some of the scenarios we discuss will be unrealistic — but ideas are vehicles for opening up avenues of thought. So whether the scenarios are realistic and in the near-future or staggeringly impractical, we hope that these fictional stories will be a mind-stretching exercise for you the reader to peer into the future.

Follow our 2017 Davos coverage in full here:

Pro Journo focuses its publishing on a specific theme every year in order to cut through the noise at Davos (see techonomicsdominance of economicspost-WEF Davos). We will begin publishing for Davos 2017 on January 15th, 2017.

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