Chart: Will You be Back in Davos Next Year? An Analysis of Year-to-Year Attendance

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How different are the Davos participants year-to-year? We’ve collected data on the annual WEF meetings back to 2009 and analyzed how many attendees have been repeats. The chart below shows that this year most participants have attended previously, although not by the massive margins one might expect: 36% are first-timers. And actually, it’s more likely that a participant here has shown up consecutively the past eight years (9%) than having skipped a few times. The biggest group of repeats is those who have attended only once before, representing 18% of the total.

We’ve also charted participants based on whether they have attended the WEF the previous year. There isn’t much change in the number of consecutive repeats over the years. But through this chart, we can see noticeable changes in total participation—for example 2011 to 2012, there were over 500 more participants, and most were newcomers.

This last chart gives a visual for how many years each participant has attended Davos in the past eight years. The chart allows you to search for individual names and see a single participant’s attendance record. Play away!

Featured image courtesy of the World Economic Forum

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