NEW APPLICATION: Business Case for LGBT Diversity and Inclusion, with The Economist

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Pro Journo, in partnership with The Economist Group, is looking for five reporters to join our Pride & Prejudice editorial team and publish about the economic and business costs of LGBT discrimination and the profitable opportunities that lie in overcoming it.


We’re looking to form a remote team to join biweekly editorial meetings between January and March 2016, where we will review LGBT-related stories in the news and discuss our coverage. Matthew Bishop,  who is the editor for the Pride & Prejudice website, will be providing training and editorial guidance throughout the program.

Reporters will primarily be expected to produce two original stories and also assist in putting together newsletters, curating stories and producing data-related blog posts when relevant. Stories will be published on The Economist Group’s Pride & Prejudice website, which is set to launch in January 2016.

About Pride & Prejudice:

The Economist has throughout its history been a committed advocate of human freedoms. It first made the case for gay marriage in a cover story in 1996. It believes that discrimination on grounds of gender or sexuality is not only morally wrong but bad for business and the economy. Through our Pride & Prejudice event in March 2016 and the associated website we aim to advance the global discussion on LGBT diversity and inclusion, particularly by focusing on the economic and business costs of LGBT discrimination and the profitable opportunities that lie in overcoming it. We will convene many of the world’s most prominent and influential business leaders to take part in this important conversation. The Pride & Prejudice website will be home to this conversation throughout the year, providing lively editorial, original research and reporting, high quality content from The Economist Group’s publications and channels, and original thought leadership posts from expert contributors.

Project details:

Dates (tentative):

  • Jan 7: Applications due
  • Jan 11: Team selected
  • Week of Jan 18 ~ Mar 14: Biweekly editorial meetings
  • Week of Jan 25: Deadline first story, feedback, editing
  • Week of Feb 8: Deadline second story, feedback, editing
  • Mar 3: Pride & Prejudice conference

Your benefits:

  • Hands-on training in business journalism and experience in launching a new editorial platform
  • Opportunity to interview forward-thinking executives and experts on the business case for LGBT diversity and inclusion
  • Publishing of articles on The Economist’s Pride & Prejudice platform
  • $500 stipend and ticket to attend one of the Pride & Prejudice events on March 3rd, 2016 (happening in London, New York and Hong Kong – possible travel stipend)


  • Enrolled in a higher education program (Bachelor level or above; preferably studying journalism) OR recently graduated
  • Excellent level of English, both spoken and written
  • Demonstrable interest in the topic of human rights
  • Commitment to write at least two news stories between January and March 2016
  • Regular access to good internet connection

To apply, kindly prepare your CV, brief statement of motivation and a story pitch relevant to the topic and send your application with the subject line “Pride & Prejudice Application” to at by January 7th, 2016.

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