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Free South Africa at 20: How has it fared? A youth perspective (South Africa-based, Reporter)

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Join a team of five other reporters as we report on South Africa, 20 years after the abolishment of Apartheid. The story of the rural folk is seldom told and you will tell it from that angle focusing on the rural youth of Limpopo.

Issues to be looked at will include: general election and voting in 2014, education, unemployment, crime and violence, women empowerment, health, basic service delivery and democracy. The project runs from mid-May to mid-July 2014, and stories will be published on our site and those of our partners. Additional content will be in the form of pictures, interviews, online news broadcasts and documentaries.  Social networking sites for the projects such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will be created and utilized. You will receive a stipend of $100 each month and travel around the province of Limpopo.

Our team will look at the successes and failures of the new South Africa with an emphasis on youths in rural Limpopo, South Africa. It is election year! Youth social issues such as unemployment and decline in social status of South Africa are taking center stage. Political campaigning and manifestos are heavily inclined to youth issues and so this is big news. We want to cover it through the lives of the rural population of Limpopo.

Requirements (Deliverables): June – August 2014

  • Weekly team meetings (date and time TBD), and every 2nd week of the month, team meeting for discussions on potential story ideas; the writers start researching.
  • Each month, write and publish one journalistic article for 3 months (total 3 articles in project, articles due every 4th week).
  • Contribute to online broadcasts on documentaries and news. You will be part of an online broadcasting channel on YouTube every week.
  • Travel around rural Limpopo at twice a week for newsgathering.


  • University student in Media studies.
  • Keen interest in citizen journalism.
  • Preferably experience in broadcasting studies is an added advantage.
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills.

Your benefits:

  • Put classroom knowledge to practical application: This is a rare opportunity to convert theoretical journalism knowledge into real life reporting.
  • Learn how to incorporate various social media and online platforms in journalism.
  • Publishing of articles on our site, as well as our syndication partners.
  • Receive stipend of $100 per month ($300 total).
  • Lunch on work days is provided.

Apply by May 26th by filling out the form here and selecting the program, “Free South Africa at 20”. 

Please contact us at smuridzo[at] if you have any questions about the program or topic.


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