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Apply: Economic Aftermath of Ukraine Revolution (Reporter, US-based)

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You will join a team of writers (both US and Ukraine based) to report on the economic consequences of the Ukraine revolution and how it is affecting import of Russian natural gas to Europe. Your job will be to choose a sub topic and write three in-depth articles on the issue, and travel to a topic-related event. The main questions addressed by the project are:

  1. Export of Russian natural gas to Europe – how dependent EU is on Russian supplies. Possible alternatives replacing Russian gas including import from the US.
  2. What’s next for Ukraine – will it remain the key transit country? How will it manage its own energy needs with higher prices for gas?
  3. Shale gas development in USA and Europe. How safe is it? Can developing shale gas in Europe be an alternative for Russian gas? Gas lobby in USA.
  4. Energy politics and economics – Russia using its natural recourses as a political tool dealing with neighboring countries; USA and EU trying to impose sanctions, but it’s unclear whether political “right” thing to do will win over lower costs.
  5. Asian markets offering higher prices – can they be the main export destination of gas in the future?

Project dates:

  • May 26: Deadline for writers to apply
  • 4th week of May: The team meets to discuss first story ideas; the writers start researching the subject; webinar for non-journalism students on news writing.
  • June 15th: First article due.
  • June: The team members working on their second articles, weekly meetings (day and time TBD).
  • July 7th: Second article due.
  • July 14-15th: two team members travel to U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Energy Conference in Washington DC.
  • July 31st: Third article due.

Your benefits:

  • Learn how to investigate the topic as a journalist and write profound articles.
  • Receive support by experienced and topic-specialized journalists.
  • Publishing of articles on our site, as well as our syndication partners including The Huffington Post,, Triple Pundit and any others you would like to pitch to.
  • Receive stipend of $400


  • Collaboration with fellow reporters through pitching story ideas, building on contacts and leads, resources and expertise.
  • Finalize three journalistic stories, pitched to and supported by our editor within three month-period.


  • Enrolled in a higher education program.
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills.
  • Experience in online journalism a plus.

Apply by May 26th by filling out the form here and selecting the program, “Economic Aftermath of Ukraine Revolution”. 

Please contact us at oikv3b[at] if you have any questions about the program or topic.

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