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Apply: Be a Reporter for Coverage on “Organic Solutions in Global Food Affairs”

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“We are teetering on the edge of a full-fledged food crisis,” reports Roberto Ferdman in Quartz.

Today, complex problems like the food crisis is not just an environmental issue, but concerns business, politics and economics as well. Through journalistic content and a multidisciplinary angle, we want to report on the economics and politics of global food production and consumption, with a focus on organic solutions.

You’ll be joining a global team of 10 student reporters to be led by two editors: Jori Lewis, an award-winning journalist currently based in Senegal and specializing in environment, agriculture and global development, and Athena Tacet, a Montreal-based data journalist and reporter specializing in foreign affairs, social, political, economic, and human rights issues.

They’ll push you outside your “academic comfort zone” through teaching basics of journalism and helping you research and produce in-depth stories, portraits of interesting characters in the space, and report on events and trends.

You’ll also be supported by the editorial and production team of Student Reporter, as well as a community of 100+ alum reporters and contributors.

Parallel to the newsroom team for this topic project, we will be working with endeva, a research consultancy to produce a report. Click here if you’re interested in being a research assistant for this.

Requirements (Deliverables):
  • Collaboration with fellow reporters during length of the program (March – August) through pitching story ideas, building on contacts and leads, resources and expertise.
  • Participation in internal team webinars and public webcast in August.
  • Produce three journalistic stories, assigned and supported by the editors. Deadlines for stories, each about 750 words long, will be spaced out during our publishing period of the project, April – August.
  • Enrolled in a higher education program (i.e. Bachelors-level or above, preferably at the Masters or Doctoral level).
  • Strong academic background in a discipline or phenomenon to bring sharpness to topic (no generalists!).
  • Proven track record and interest in the topic of global food affairs.
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills.
  • Experience in online journalism a plus.
Your Benefits:
  • Get out of the classroom: Unique experience of exploring the topic of global food affairs guided by two experienced journalists.
  • Learn how to communicate through stories and critically investigate the topic as a journalist.
  • Publishing of articles on our site, as well as our syndication partners including The Huffington Post,, Triple Pundit and any others you would like to pitch to.
  • In case you want to participate in a local conference or event on the topic during the project period we can help you get press credentials.
  • Chance to organize and participate in a public webinar with international experts and journalists.
Instructions for Application

Apply until 15 March 2014 by filling out the application form here.

For any questions, please contact t.lehmann[at]

Mercator_logoThe featured series on Organic Solutions in Global Food Affairs is supported by Mercator Foundation Switzerland

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