Apply: Be a Researcher for “Organic Solutions in Global Food Affairs” Research Team

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“We are teetering on the edge of a full-fledged food crisis,” reports Roberto Ferdman in Quartz.

To supplement our student newsroom’s journalistic coverage of the economics and politics of organic solutions in global food affairs, we are building a research team to produce a report in order to inform a public webcast at the end of our coverage and to share with our audience.

How is this different from any other research position? For one, you (and your two other fellow researchers) will take the lead in conceptualizing, researching for, and producing a 10-page report that carves out a unique and important niche as product parallel to our journalistic coverage.

Also, the report won’t stay within academic circles. It will be publicized to our readers as one of our media products and shared directly with our project’s stakeholders and industry experts.

You’ll be supported by an expert consultant from endeva, an independent research consultancy for development issues.

Fascinated by the topic but want to approach it as a journalist? Click here to apply to be a reporter instead.

Requirements (Deliverables):
  • You will work closely with your fellow researchers and expert consultant .
  • You will conduct necessary factual and interview-based research to co-author a (10-page report to be published in August.
  • We expect the overall commitment to average out to be 5 hrs/week from March – August (workload shifted more heavily to the later months).
  • Enrolled in a higher education program (i.e. Bachelors-level or above, preferably at the Masters or Doctoral level).
  • Strong academic background in a discipline or phenomenon to bring sharpness to topic (no generalists!).
  • Research and report-writing experience, preferably in the topic of global food affairs.
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills.
Your Benefits:
  • Work with an international expert who will guide you through the topic and train you in report writing for a professional audience.
  • Get published as co-author of an impactful report for international stakeholders of our coverage project.
  • Discuss findings and implications of report during a public webinar.
  • Receive production support in design and copy editing.
Instructions for Application

Apply until 15 March, 2014 by filling out the application form here. Questions? Suggestions? Please post them in the comment section below.

While this position is unpaid, we can help you get University credits if that’s an option. For any questions, please contact t.lehmann[at]

Mercator_logoThe featured series on Organic Solutions in Global Food Affairs is supported by Mercator Foundation Switzerland

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  2. I’ve been involved into food production in my country since the early 1970s, serving as Chief Technical Clerk for a mechanized agricultural company, AGRIMECO, an Israeli-managed, as well as the Lofa County Agricultural Development Project, a World Bank-supported. Experience-sharing would prove quite valuable to the up-coming, moreso with enormous challenges faced by my country in the postbellum era.

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