WRF Coffee Talk (5): “You Want to Know What Exactly You Are Buying”

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In this WRF-series, Studentreporters are catching conference attendees during coffee break to ask them about what they do and who they are. This time: Sten-Erik Björling (Enviro Data) and Klaus Wiesen (Wuppertal Institute).

Sten-Erik Björling, CEO of Enviro Data.

Eliza Petrova

Sten-Erik Björling, CEO of Enviro Data.

At the World Resource Forum, a cup of steaming hot coffee can give rise to even more heated discussions and exchange of ideas. Sten-Erik Björling, CEO of Enviro Data, a small enterprise dealing with advanced web-based solutions and Klaus Wiesen, project coordinator at the Wuppertal Institute, seem to come from two very different backgrounds. Yet, they have something in common: They cooperate on launching a new system that will allow consumers in the future to scan the barcode of a product with their smartphone.

In this way, consumers will receive direct up-to-date information on the eco-cost of the good they intend to buy. By doing this on a regular basis, consumers will be able to calculate their aggregate eco-cost and have a direct incentive to reduce this. The system would also encourage companies to reduce their eco-cost, signalling to consumers or other businesses the resource efficiency with which they have produced their products. “You know how it is when you are out shopping,” says Björling, “you just want to know what exactly it is that you are buying.”

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