WRF Coffee Talk (2) – “Metal is my Passion”

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In this WRF-series, Studentreporters are catching conference attendees during coffee break to ask them about what they do and who they are. This time: Dr. Lakshimi Raghupathy from India.

Metal is her passion - Lakshimi Raghupathy from India.

Anna Hoffmann

Metal is her passion - Lakshimi Raghupathy from India.

Lakshimi Raghupathy looks significant in her bright green and red scarf and silver hair as she introduces herself: “My work has been on waste. For the last three decades I have worked on waste.” She represented India at the Basel convention in 1995. She still remembers the tide-changing event, where many people realized that waste is a valuable resource. She had known that for a long time. “Metal is my passion”, she asserts and she seeks to live sustainably herself. “Whenever it’s possible I look at the product I am using and ask myself how I could extend its life.” She also just recently gave her old phone to her maid – “Don’t throw things away – maybe someone can still use it!” She will present her work at the WRF but first she is off to buy three toy marmots for her three grandkids.

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