Project Manager, Urban Mobility Switzerland (D/E)

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We seek for a project manager to lead a six-month student newsroom on the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland”.

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ZURICH, Switzerland – Student Reporter provides an innovative media format to mobilize newsrooms that produce journalistic content, which aims to promote informed debates on phenomena from a business and economics angle. For the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland” newsroom, we are looking for a project manager to work side-by-side with an editor and form the leadership team.

Together with the editor, you will oversee the journalistic articles and multimedia products produced by the students. The content will be delivered through our digital platform and social media channels, as well as digital and print channels of our media partner, NZZ Campus. Your responsibilities as project manager include developing an editorial program and calendar that includes events to activate the audience around our content. You will also be responsible for managing the workflow of the team, manage partners, and help organizing events.

Applicants to the position are expected to demonstrate an advanced ability to lead and motivate diverse teams. You will have some experience in managing stakeholders in a landscape of sometimes-conflicting interests. You will also have some experience in drafting templates to structure workflows and outcomes and in producing reports that capture the valuable content of journalistic or research products.

You will be keenly interested in managing project partners and working with the editor and the students to improve their teamwork. An interest in enabling the project to become the core from which we can build a media campaign portfolio in the future is an advantage.

Positions come with a stipend starting at 3.000 CHF, negotiable upon experience, commitment and availability and a work desk and membership at the Impact Hub Zürich if needed.  You are based in Switzerland over majority of the course of the campaign period. Our international team of media entrepreneurs will support you in managing the project.

Applications should be received by 30 November, 2013. Send CV and cover letter to t.lehmann[AT] We plan to fill this position as soon as possible. We will conduct brief phone interviews once we have received an application.

See for more details on the coverage project, here. See also job post for editor position, here.

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