Be a Reporter at the World Economic Forum 2014, Davos-Switzerland

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DAVOS, Switzerland – “Davos is the mother of all conferences,” a WEF Annual Meeting attendee once told us last year. Besides the official (and secret, private) program that has been under development for the entire year by a dedicated team at the Forum, what else makes Davos, well, Davos? From the hotel manager of the Belvédère, known for its lavish parties, the Kaffeeklatsch owner who runs the beloved coffeeshop that, to everyone’s dismay, closes down annually for the Google party, to the plus one’s, the (missing, or just quiet?) protestors, and even Davos “crashers” – what is mainstream media missing in their chasing of business leaders and heads of state?

Through the observant but obsessive lens of a journalist, spend a whole week immersed and reporting on the hyper-WEF-Davos.


Nikolaj Fischer / Student Reporter

Project Highlights
  • Content-wise, you will report on the Open Forum, track down relevant overarching themes of the WEF as an organization, as well as telling the colorful, untold stories of the people at Davos.
  • Our coverage consists of shorter, quick turnaround piece during the WEF meeting in Davos and three features to be developed during Davos and published post-conference.
  • Program starts online training in December with onsite dates, 19-25 January. Final article submissions are due 1 February.
  • To apply, submit the application until 22 November, 2013 *Updated: 29 November, 2013.
Our coverage (deliverables)

Our editors, who work closely with the WEF media team, will facilitate your interviews with WEF Annual Meeting participants. Only editors will actually be accredited for the Annual Meeting. Thus, you will not get access to the Congress Centre, where the Annual Meeting is held, but will be an official reporter for the WEF Open Forum.

You will be responsible for the following:

  • During the conference, a miniseries to build catchy but coherent coverage around an unexplored niche during conference days. The aim is to build a regular audience for consisting of both the WEF delegates at Davos and the global community during this time. You can check our Fringe Stories and Coffee Talk miniseries from the World Resources Forum project for inspiration or the interview with Monsieur Fleur. One per reporter per every other day.
  • Coverage of an Open Forum topic. The program ranges from the competitive future of Switzerland to 2013, the year of protests.
  • Two feature articles to be investigated during conference and written and published in the week following the conference. Feature articles are well-researched profile or investigative pieces typically 700-900 words.
  • Enrolled in a higher education program (i.e. Bachelors-level or above, preferably at the Masters or Doctoral level).
  • Strong academic background in a discipline or phenomenon.
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills.
  • Experience in online journalism a plus.
  • Professional journalism training and editorial guidance.
  • Access to the WEF Annual Meeting participants and the city of Davos as a Student Reporter.
  • Publishing in our global media outlet and access to syndication partners.
  • Unique on-site package (organization of accommodation*, full agenda of story hunting, professional team work set up). *cost coverage tbc
Requirements and Conditions

By applying for this project you agree on the following:

  • Successful completion of coverage deliverables detailed above.
  • We maintain exclusive editorial and publishing rights of all material gathered from sources provided through this project. In other words, in the public eye, you represent our organization and our media partnership with the WEF. All content and articles that you write during this project needs to receive permission from Student Reporter (including those you intend to publish elsewhere).
  • Third party funding for your travel and local expenses must be made transparent to Student Reporter (see editorial and publishing rights). We can support you with official program invitation and recommendation letters.
Instructions for Application

Apply until 22 November, 2013 by filling out the application form here. Questions? Suggestions? Please post them in the comment section below.

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