Apply: Become a Student Reporter at International Business Forum 2013, Istanbul-Turkey

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Join us as we report on the upcoming International Business Forum, taking place in Istanbul, 23-24 October, 2013.

IBF CallI image Istanbul

Project Highlights

  • Focus on regional business innovation in context of global development challenges.
  • Onsite program dates are 21-25 October.
  • Cost coverage package of onsite costs (food, accommodation, conference fees), and travel reimbursement up to 200 EUR.
  • Submit until 5 October: CV, pitches, and application form.

ISTANBUL, Turkey – We are training and sending a team of selected reporters to report on this year’s theme of “Green and Inclusive Business Solutions for Development” at the 16th International Business Forum (IBF). The Forum is organized by a consortium of German and multilateral development institutions with an interest on the politics of private sector development to impact sustainable economic development and poverty reduction.

With an aim to bring a younger generation’s voice to the media coverage of this event, we will focus on the role of regional business innovations in the context of global development challenges. Through our training program, hands-on experience of conference reporting, and the topic expertise of our editorial team, we will help you develop skills in online journalism, specifically in profile writing, critical analysis and political and business reporting. We will produce both written and multimedia work, as well as curated news releases to engage our audiences back home during the conference.

The team will be composed of five reporters from around the world, led by up to two editors. Before applying, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our work, especially our recent conference projects (most relevant being Rio+20) and the types of articles we produce. We are accepting applications until 5th of October, 2013. 

Please see below for details on the project, and instructions on how to apply.

Project Dates:

Second week of October: Online training schedule via webinars and review of article pitches.

21-26 October, 2013: On-site training and conference reporting (arrival 21 October, 8pm, departure 26 October, 8am).

Early-November: post-conference wrap up (finishing of writing articles in pipeline, usually 2 per reporter),  max. 4 weeks after the conference.


  • professional journalism and conference reporting training program;
  • on- and offsite editorial guidance;
  • conference participation fee and coverage of food and accommodation during onsite training, and conference time;
  • travel fees up to 200 EUR upon receipt *Please plan your travel/visa ahead. Some foreign nationals require a visa to enter Turkey (we cannot support the Visa registration process, but can provide recommendations).


  • Enrolled in a higher education program (i.e. Bachelors-level or above, preferably at the Masters or Doctoral level; professional degree programs welcome).
  • Strong academic background in business/policy/economics (with ideally a concentration in environmental, social, or development issues).
  • Experience in online journalism.
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills.

Instructions: Please fill out the application form below and send to (subject line: IBF2013) the following:

  • A resume or CV [max 2 pgs; .pdf file format]
  • Two to three article pitches of the stories you are interested to follow up at the conference site [max 150 words per pitch; one single MS Word file for all pitches]. See more on pitching stories to editors here. The most rudimentary composition of a pitch is: 1) Story headline; 2) Core of story: One brief paragraph detailing what your story is about; 3) Reporting strategy: How will you research this story and who will you interview? 4) Why does this story need to be told? What new information will readers learn?
    • The pitches must:
      • Be derived from one or more of the “focal areas” of the IBF 2013: Market Linkages, Access to Finance and the Role of Impact Investors, National and International Policy Frameworks, Capacity Development AND
      • Address a specific geographical area, such as economic union, country, region, city, …
    • These are the four types of stories we support (adapted from Journalistic Approaches):
      • Panel stories: reporter picks a panel to attend and lets the panel discussion drive the topic of the story; follows up with panelists and audience to find the story.
      • Profile stories: interesting IBF participants.
      • Investigative stories: broader, cross-thematic stories in realm of the role of business for sustainable development or poverty reduction.
      • Think pieces: captures the mood of the conference, opinion pieces.

If you cannot view the form below for any reason, it can be also filled out directly here. Applicants who cannot access the following google application form need to make an inquiry via and will be sent a special application form.

Our coverage project receives financial support from BMZ – German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The conference is organized by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of BMZ.

Featured image source: Flickr / Greenwich Photography under Creative Commons

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