To Repeat or Not to Repeat -The Future of Resource Consumption in Emerging Economies

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Student Reporter Adam Wong  interviewed Yi-Heng Cheng, CEO of Kunshan Quanta K&M Consulting and Shanghai Microtech Co. Ltd. on the future of resource consumption in China. The emerging economy is today in the historical position that European conturies and America were some decades ago, and rapid industrialisation means that the ever-hungry economy is fiercely demanding all the time. But the world has changed significantly since then and countries face the challenge of either being swept away by the tide or being eroded in its wake.

It is important to note that European countries and the United States have had their share during their development. Based on this, one can argue that now also China and India, and in fact every other country not yet industrialized, has the right to use more resources than available on earth for a certain period.  On the other hand resources are limited more than ever today, the scientific knowledge is existing and evident and every person on earth is in the same boat. So what path will China chose amid those dilemmas?

Watch our interview and find out:


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