Shrimp for Lunch

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I had the pleasure to run into Dr. Michael Appleby who works for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (yes they did help ban bullfighting in catalonia) as a scientific advisor. He gave a presentation at the WRF regarding food security and animal welfare and was perhaps the only person who dealt with the topic considering the interrelation between resources and food.

Since food shortage is a real issue and will be even more so in the future I decided to highlight this important topic and interview Michael Appleby. Our conversation touches many fields related to food consumption and animal welfare. Also possible solutions to the obvious problems are discussed. Is veganism one? Or is this approach not feasible on a large scale?  Should we curb our consumption and alter our lifestyle? Buy from our local producers and enjoy organic food? Can we still afford to eat shrimps at conference dinners and lunches?

Look at the video for the answers. One preview: The stereotyped image of animal activists carrying red paint and wearing black turtle necks is certainly inappropriate in this case.

A lesson learned from all this (the WRF event) for both myself and Mr. Appleby,

“Think radically, Act gradually” – Rajan R. Gandhi (Founder of Society in Action Group)

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