Apply to be a Student Reporter at UNEP’s Post Rio Sustainable Consumption and Production Conference in Bangkok, Thailand (Deadline 30 September)

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From Rio to Bangkok! After making our mark at the United Nation’s Rio+20 Earth Summit in June, we will send a new team of five Student Reporters to cover UNEP’s  Post Rio Sustainable and Consumption Conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand between the 12th and 13th of November, 2012. The program is sponsored by UNEP Asia, and will be led by staff writer Andreas Slotte from the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.

Selected candidates are required to arrive on 10th November and stay until 14th November. Candidates must reside or hold citizenship in Asia. The application deadline is 30th September, 2012.

You will be informed about your application after the 3rd October. Due to time constraints, successful applicants need to respond within 48 hours to our invitation email.

Student Reporters will receive free registration for the conference, and a UNEP-sponsored $220 per diem for four days ($880 per Student Reporter) to help cover travel and accomodation costs. Coordination of accomdation is taken care of by the program organizers.


Student Reporters must arrive in Bangkok by 10th November. There is a mandatory pre-conference training session on the 11th of November, and all reporters must stay with the team in Bangkok until the 14th of November, 12 noon local time. Student Reporters are required to take part in an intensive pre-conference virtual team building and a journalism training program, attend daily meetings during the conference days, and are expected to write at least six publishable articles during the program period (10th of October until 14th of December 2012).


Candidates must be familiar with Student Reporter, oikos and UNEP, and display an affinity for its missions. Excellent English language writing-skills are essential and backgrounds in (online) journalism, photography, audio- and video production are a significant advantage. Academic backgrounds in economics and business, environmental sciences, and/or journalism are desirable. Student Reporters must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program (preferably Masters or Doctoral level). Candidates must reside or hold citizenship in South Asia and South East Asia (UNEPs funding requirements). The organizers cannot support visa applicants. Applicants must only apply if visa can be issued on time.


Please apply by 30th of September 2012 (11pm Centreal European Time Zone). Please email the following documents in either PDF or DOC form to Andreas Slotte <40311 AT>:

  • Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages);
  • Motivation letter (max 1 page); and
  • Sample article which addresses one of the topics of UNEP’s conference program  (max 700 words).

The more precise you are in your application, the more likely we will get an impression of you, which will help us to understand your passion for being a Student Reporter. We look forward to reading your applications and to meet you in Bangkok. You can click around this site and our social media links to get a feel for what live conference blogging is like and to understand what we expect from our reporters.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please email Andreas Slotte <40311 AT>. Good luck!

12 thoughts on “Apply to be a Student Reporter at UNEP’s Post Rio Sustainable Consumption and Production Conference in Bangkok, Thailand (Deadline 30 September)

  1. It’s so cool an opportunity, and I am really interested in this student reporters for UNEP. However, I am wondering about the application forms. Can u tell me more about the sample article candidates have to summit? If I have already written the article, can I summit it? Or, I have to write a new one?

  2. Chey, you increase your chances by a large extend if you submit a writing example written about the conference we are covering (“sample article which addresses one of the topics of UNEP’s conference program (max 700 words”). It could be a specific topic of the conference, about UNEP in Asia, or post Rio implementation for Asia,… We look forward reading your application.

    • Dear Mr. Lehmann,

      I am very interested in this program; I do want to participate. I understand that the article is related to the UNEP’s Conference Program, but it is a kind of article that I write by my own or need some interview of someone. Therefore, I still not clear about the writing example; can you clarify this point?

      Thank in advance!

      • Hi Cheata,

        Thanks for your comment. Your sample article should be an original piece of writing by you on a topic related to those of the conference. That is, It could be a specific topic of the conference, about UNEP in Asia, or implementation of Rio+20 goals and imperatives for Asia. It doesn’t need to be an interview of someone. Hope to see your application!

  3. Hi, I am extremely interested in this opportunity it seems like it’s tailored to my specific field of interest and geographical area of my expertise. Though i do have an thing of concern and that is my nationality is Chinese. I hold a Chinese passport. Would that be an issue?

    • Hi Sifan,

      The call is open to students who are either citizens of Asian countries or students who are currently residing in Asia. Thus, as a Chinese national, you are eligible to apply for this opportunity. We hope to see your application!

      • Hi Aishwarya,

        Thank you, this is great news. I will get the necessary documents for my application in order. I hope you will enjoy reading my writings.


  4. Hello, I am interested in the notice.

    The one thing I wonder is that, according to the notice, applicants should hold a residency or reside in South Asia or Southeast Asia. However, according to reply, Asians are allowed for application. Therefore, I am little bit confused because I am from Asia, but not from South or Southeast Asia. Can you make it clear about it? Thank you.

    • Hi Jakun,

      As long as you are a citizen of an Asian country, or have been living there for a significant period of time (as a student, for example), you are eligible to apply for this programme. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to reading your application.

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