TedxRio+20 at Forte de Copacabana

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The second edition of TedxRio took off today 11th June at the picturesque Forte de Copacabana. The first session, entitled “From Blindness to Perception”, focused on human consciousness and sensibility. In a rather frightening vision of the future, José Luis Cordero promoted the accelerated adoption of technology as the way forward for sustainable development. His transhumanist, if not singularitarian views were not to everyone’s taste, and it was thus rather comforting to have following speakers elaborate on less controversial topics, such as sustainable design or the power of self-transformation (without technological help).

The venue of the Rio+20 talks was embedded in an unconventional scaffolding structure that was erected for Humanidade 2012, hosting a whole set of exhibitions, workshops, conferences and other activities during Rio+20. Offering a breathtaking view on Copacabana, the edifice was built on the concept that “sustainability means being simple” and “all materials used are to be re-used after the events”.

While the scaffolding nature of the edifice and the fact that its construction was far from being accomplished made us hesitate before climbing the uneven stairs, it did successfully carry the high number of visitors that showed up as expected for the talks. A second room streaming the talks live readily filled up and gave latecomers the chance to follow the talks in an authentic atmosphere.


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