Sustainia – How Can You Contribute To Build A Better Tomorrow

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Imagine we had solutions to build a better tomorrow – starting today. The beautiful thing is, we do!

Sustainia, the exhibition at the Global Compact’s Corporate Sustainability Forum during Rio+20, shows us a sustainable world that is possible today – by presenting 100 sustainable solutions that are already available. It comes up with smart ideas and solutions for the CEO; the advocate; the engineer; the venture capitalist; and the politician that aim to benefit economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

From solar power in Sudan to smart buildings in Sydney, Sustainia presents solutions based on their readiness and availability, scalability, collaborative nature, transformative nature, cost effectiveness, environmental benefit, and improved quality of life.

The photo-collage below guides you through first impressions of Sustainia, presented at the Corporate Sustainability Forum in Rio.

Curious to know more?

How about you? Do you have a solution? Send it to Sustainia. Sustainia constantly collects solutions, as new innovations come every day. From multinational corporations, entrepreneurs, individual crusaders, and even students.


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