Road to Rio – Nicolò Wojewoda on Moving the Young Generation

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Nicolò Wojewoda is the charismatic director of Road to Rio. This coalition of 100 youth-led organisations is collaborating to realize the full potential of the Rio conference. They are devoting their time to raise awareness and to build momentum around the final negotiation round taking place in Rio. Nicolo and the Road to Rio team are closely collaborating with the Major Group for Children and Youth, the official entrypoint for young people in the Rio+20 stakeholder engagement process. In the podcast at the bottom of the post, Nicolò shares his perspective on the power, importance and possibilities of the younger generation to engage in the final negotiation round during the Earth Summit in Rio.

Events to build momentum. The crucial challenge is to raise awareness and to take meaningful action. For this reason Road to Rio is initiating awareness raising campaigns and initiatives. So far, they have launched 12 My City Plus 20 events and 100 Rio Plus You events that were all geared towards action.

Making sure the political outcome document is taken up after Rio. Although, Road to Rio’s crucial challenge was and still is to get young people engaged in the process and have a say in the negotation rounds, they are also preparing for the time after Rio interpreting the outcomes, keeping momentum and developing real projects. The decisive step is to continue working together after the Earth Summit to make sure that the political agreements stated in the zero draft outcome document are followed-up and commitments are turned into the implementation of binding action steps.

Nicolo’s key statement is: We need to give the youth a powerful voice. And, we need to keep the momentum going. The main challenge to achieve a global spring is ourselves. We do have capacity to make this happen: “We can do what we set out to achieve. However, we need to believe in this.”

Can you, too? If you are interested to join a bunch of mind-blowing youngsters, join the Global Youth Movement for Sustainable Development on June 18th and attend the Youth Blast Conference on June 10th to 12th in Rio: It’s the official preparation for young peoples participation in the conference to discuss strategies, lobbying efforts, policy recommendations, and collaboration efforts.

Listen to the Podcast with Nicolò Wojewoda

Watch the Road to Rio vision for Rio+20

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