Post Digest @Rio+20: June 15th


This is a series of posts digests being published to keep track of what is happening at Rio+20. Posts published the 15th of June:

Reporters interviewing at UN PRME

Reporters Mike McCullough and Tim Lehmann immersing at UN PRME

One thought on “Post Digest @Rio+20: June 15th

  1. A question for the UN Secretary General to be asked during 21 June of the Global Town Hall in Rio de Janeiro.

    Our planetary home is filling up with too many people and pollutants. Unbridled economic growth is a threat not a solution to the global challenges looming before humanity. If we continue to grow the global economy and increase the size of the human population as we are doing now, what chance do we have of making necessary changes to sustainable lifestyles, right-sized corporate enterprises and an eco-friendly balance with the natural world upon which life as we know it depends for existence?

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