Creative Heads-Up and Valuing the Priceless at TEDx Rio+20

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A quick heads up about the TEDx Rio+20 conference prior to the Earth Summit Rio+20 and before the student reporter team arrives on the 12th of June.

TED conferences are usually not associated with UN conference formats. Still some Cariocas thought it might be a smart move to organize a TEDx Rio+20 conference, taking place on the 11th and 12th of June, before the official Earth Summit events start on the 13th with the 3rd preparatory meeting. The x represents the independence from the two annual TED events taking place in San Francisco and Oxford. TED is among the most known event formats, and even academics strive to spread to shine on a TED stage. The nonprofit trusts on its standardized 20 minutes dramaturgically staged lectures. TEDx Rio+20 addresses issues such as “valuing the priceless”. This means in practice to put a price on the environment, a concept rarely questioned anymore, which most likely will be a major underlying theme of the many upcoming Rio+20 debates.

According to the organizers, TEDx Rio+29 distinguishes itself from the UN Summit by promoting “a differentiated reflection about sustainable development” in order to “understand and analyze ‘Human Power’.  Read the participant invitation email and get a sense for their approach empowering the individual and stimulating the emotional aspect of the potentiality of humans to ‘make a change’.

Participant Manual TEDxRio+20

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