Apply to be a Student Reporter at the 2012 World Resources Forum in Beijing, China (Deadline 10th June)

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From Davos to Beijing! After making their mark at the 2009 and 2011 World Resources Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a new team of ten Student Reporters will cover the 2012 World Resources Forum to be held in Beijing, China between 21st and 23rd October, 2012. The team is led by an international and transatlantic team of staff writers Aishwarya Nair and Mike McCullough from the University of Pennsylvania, and Claudio Ruch from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETH).

The application deadline is 10th June, 2012. You will be informed about your application after the 12th.

The more precise you are in your answers, the more likely we will get an impression of you, which will help us to understand your passion for being a Student Reporter. We are really looking forward to get inspired by you and meet you in Beijing. You can click around this site and our social media links to get a feel for what live conference blogging is like, and understand what we expect from our reporters.

Student Reporters will receive free registration for the conferences, accommodation and lunch every day, as well as a stipend of 200 CHF to help cover travel costs. There will be one or more team dinners in Beijing, possibly with a conference speaker. Additionally, Student Reporters must attend daily meetings during the conference and are required to take part in pre-conference virtual team building. All Student Reporters must arrive in Beijing by 19th October, attend a training session on the 20th, and stay with the team in Beijing until 24th October.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please include them in the form below or email Aishwarya Nair at nairaish(at) We’re looking forward to reading your application!

5 thoughts on “Apply to be a Student Reporter at the 2012 World Resources Forum in Beijing, China (Deadline 10th June)

  1. Greeting from the Business School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have received an email saying that you are now recuiting a team of 10 student reporters. I just wonder if the number of applications are more than 10, how will you carry out the selection? Is it mainly based on the inputs from the application form? OR is there any interview to be scheduled? Thank you.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your question. We will be basing our selection primarily on the writing skills and academic background of the applicants. In very rare cases will there be a need for an interview.


  2. Hello there,

    I am wondering if the visa required for China in this case is a visa for journalist or a simple touristic visa?
    In the first option, a press card will be required, as well as documentation from Oikos re. the event and mission.
    I believe a simple touristic visa might be sufficient, however I would like to be sure of it.
    Best regards

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for your comment. We will be applying for a tourist visa as we are technically just students reporting, rather than working with an accredited news agency. Should the situation change, as we are working with the sponsors of the event, we will be receiving the necessary documentation to get a journalist visa.


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