Distinguishing different water qualities: Interview with Ger Bergkamp of IWA

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Addressing the problem of water scarcity was the major concern during the World Water Forum 6. Many solutions were suggested, but it seems that the answer to this crucial problem can be found in the sustainable use of water resources. In the field of sustainability, innovation must be applied in every possible sense, in order for modern civilization to keep developing and flourishing.

While attending several different discussion panels that focused on possible solutions such as desalination, replacement of malfunctioning infrastructure and filtration of rainwater, a certain proposal gained my attention. During the High Level Panel on Transboundary Waters, Mr Ger Bergkamp, Regional Group and Programmes of IWA, introduced the idea of the use of different water qualities. The concept that lays behind his suggestion is that it is not necessary to use drinking water for all our everyday needs. Depending on our activities, we can use water treated to reach the quality that corresponds to the use which we need it for. For example, water used for irrigation purposes does not need to be filtered in the way that drinking water does. It can be of lower quality and serve its goal at the same time. Consequently, in that way we will use both water and energy in a more sustainable way.

Below you will hear Mr Ger Bergkamp, analyzing the idea of the use of different water qualities and explaining the application and the benefits of this practice in the actual world.

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