Leading a Team of Student Reporters – Interview with Caroline D’Angelo

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Rio +20 is coming soon, and with it, a great team of student reporters from around the world. Behind all the student reporters, there are outstanding team leaders (like Caroline D´Angelo) who edit their posts and interviews while guiding them through the hectic journey of live conference-blogging.

Leading a team of student reporters is certainly not an easy task.  Funding, selection of students, training sessions, and much more has to be done before the start of the conference. In order to learn what it is like to be a team leader and a student reporter, I interviewed Caroline D’Angelo. Caroline D´Angelo is an editor for Student Reporter. She led a team of 12 student reporters from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Richmond at the World Water Forum 2012 in Marseille, France.

In the Skype interview, Caroline D´Angelo outlines:

  • a typical day of a student reporter,
  • tells us the highlights of this conference,
  • how she achieved effective communication under time constraints,
  • gives advice to future student reporters, and
  • shares with us the best practices for writing posts and interviewing.

She also makes clear that: “The best that you can do as a student reporter is to be willing to try and to be able and willing to work extremely hard. You are going to be learning things in a very intensive environment, so having an open mind is crucial. You are not going to sleep much during the program, but if you recognize it as a great opportunity to network and to get better at communicating, you will have a great experience.”

Listen to the interview below to learn more about Caroline D´Angelo and her experience as a team leader.

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