Ron Sawyer on Community Involvement in Water and Sanitation Projects

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Student Reporter Iliana Sepulveda  interviewed Ron Sawyer, Executive director of SARAR Transformacion, member of the Butterfly Effect coalition and FANMexico network at the sixth World Water Forum. SARAR Transformacion provides a methodology to make projects more sustainable.

In this interview Mr. Sawyer explains the importance of education and community involvement in designing and implementing water and sanitation projects carried out by organizations from outside the community. One on the main problems is that when an external organization leaves a community, they take their knowledge with them. This leaves the community project with a high probability of failing in its maintenance.

At the WWF6, Mr. Sawyer has intensively participated in the theme: Priority Action 1.3 Contribute to hygiene and health through water and sanitation. He also was a panelist in the Education: the Key to Engagement, Empowerment and Evidence-Based Decision-Making panel.

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