Meet the World Water Forum 2012 Student Reporter Team!

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Today is the beginning day of the World Water Forum 2012 in Marseille, France. The WWF is the world’s largest meeting about water – previous forums in Istanbul and Mexico were attended by 25,000 people. Participants and presenters include members of international bodies like the United Nations, global NGOs like The Nature Conservancy and local NGOs such as NetWWater, a Sri Lankan organization working to ensure water supply to schools and hospitals.  Officials from governments and the private sector also contribute to and participate in the Forum. The multitude of viewpoints allows deep discussions on several topics in water; the WWF organizes these topics into themes such as supply; the water, energy and food nexus; infrastructure; water as a right; gender and water; and more. The goals of the Forum are to move the global discussion on water forward building on previous fora, provide political pressure to achieve water equality and other necessary items, and to coordinate regional, local and international governing bodies around water.

A team of 12 reporters from the University of Pennsylvania Master of Environmental Studies program and the University of Richmond Law School are covering the Forum.  Their expertise ranges from energy to green growth, from art to law – promising a multi-faceted look at the WWF.  The Reporters come from around the world – the US, Greece, India, Mexico and more. (You can take a look at their bios here>>.) They will be interviewing experts and participants from around the world, writing blog posts about forum topics, and bringing a critical eye to the Forum. If you are at the Forum, we want to hear from you – please comment on the posts, engage in discussion and approach us about what your thoughts are. You can follow us on Twitter (@Oikosreporter) or like us on Facebook (@Student Reporter) to add your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Meet the World Water Forum 2012 Student Reporter Team!

  1. hi caroline, informative intro post. I am really curious to see whether there are dominant patterns of action among the thousands of interest groups. What are the debates triggering the biggest attention? Who is dominating in these debates? And where do inequalities arise among interest groups and themes/debates?

  2. It was a very successful week! The news of our oikos reporters covering the 6th World Water Forum hit “home” at Penn here: – and many followers from around the globe continue to stay tuned to the oikos Student Reporter blogs via Facebook and Twitter!

    To answer Tim’s question above, the attention-grabbing dialogues that I heard most about were the Palestinian-Israeli debates. Existing political tensions permeated into the discussions in Marseille… but one thing is still clear: compromise is necessary! Israel pledged to build a desalination plant in Gaza to ease some of the stress on the resources in this area. For more info on the necessity of desalination in this region, see:

    The “WWF6” was controversial in itself, as well. See SR Martine Boswell’s post on FAME (the alternative water forum) here:

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