What is a Strong Student Reporter Application? First Round of Rio applications – 2nd Deadline 1st of March


We have received more than 80 applications from top and cutting edge niche schools from around the World. The international scope of applicants but also their overall aspirations were surprising us. Due to this undpredictable amount and high quality of applications we truely recommend to submit only very strong and creative applications for the next deadline 1st of March.

What do we mean by strong applications? Listen to the questions we ask. Do not provide answers that could have been written by anyone else, but that really illustrate your personality i.e. when we ask what you are most passionate about do not provide  an answer such as “sustainable development” but something focused you could imagine to work on during the reporting time such as multinational corporations, entrepreneurs, management education, poltical processes – should be of course connected to your profile.

It is not about from which school you are but if you are able throughout your entire application to show us your willingness to learn and contribute to the development of the team in Rio. For example, even though you may have your own blog and have already published high quality and well read web pieces writing samples are genuinely more convincing if they are written for the purpose of your reporter application.

Students from developing countries have to be very convincing in terms of their financing and visa issue procedures. As we are not able to support neither in issuing visa nor  funding beyond the package offered we have to conider these points as knock out criteria.

This link brings you to the application post and submission form.

I have created a wordle form using the “current country of residence” category to illustrate the global scope of applicants and embedded a video used in one of the writing samples.


The following video was used in one of the applicants’ writing samples.

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