Art: a tool to manage complexity and raise awareness

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Memory is selective. The impressions that sticked to the minds of the participants of the WRF 2011 are starting to lose their tint. What will people remember in one year? And in five years?
Personally, I will remember the presentation by Klaus Elle at the highlights session at the end of the first conference day.

Klaus Elle, an artist who works with the YES group, summarized his impressions of the first WRF day into some drawings. In the following interview he shares his thoughts and emotions about the conference, but also about the present global situation. Klaus sees art as an instrument to rise awareness about the present global challenges. Often the emotional part is missing, especially at conferences, but emotions are needed to drive change. For him art is a tool that enables to manage complexity and enhance feedback loops.
Enjoy listening and watching the art pieces produced during the conference!


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