Enhancing Your Writing Skills – A blog Post is a symphony

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In this section, I will be looking  at how can we enhance writing skills, or in other words, make a post exciting and interesting to read.

First of all, before even starting to write, think for a few seconds about these three questions:

*Who am I writing to?
*Why am I writing to these people?
*What is the best way to get my message across?
*What is the message I want my readers to remember?

Now, depending on the first question, your blog post won’t be the same. After having defined an answer for each question, think about one or two core issues/arguments/examples that you want to showcase in your post.
Always remember that a Blog Post is like a Symphony: you start on a high note, that means that you want to attract the interest of your audience. To do so you need a “hook”. One or two sentences that will make your target group, react, think and continue reading your post.
After the intro, you want to keep the reader interested, and that is when you put in the forfront your issue/arguments/examples. However you need to structure them logically by linking each paragraph. To do so, you may want to use connectors, but always remember that they need to fit your writing style. Also, make your paragraphs “airy”, meaning easy for the reader to read. Never more than one argument per paragraph.
To support your post, always put an image (an image is worth one thousand words) and remember to always research what you are talking about and link your sources.
And finally, a Symphony always finishes on it’s climax: the apex, the apogee or in other words the highlight of your post. In the last paragraph/sentence you need to conclude your post by making the reader react, think or comment. To do so, attract his interest either by a question, a bold statement or a smart argument.
And last but not least, a symphony composer is never afraid to put in the forefront his or her own style. We all write differently, and we can all achieve the same goal. All roads lead to Rome.

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