The Student Reporter countdown to the WRF

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Saturday afternoon 16:20, main train station of Zürich – “Are you from the Student Reporter group?”. Two smiles answer my question.

I found two of the nine student reporters with who I’ll share a unique trip to the World Resources Forum (WRF) 2011 in Davos. After seeing pictures on facebook and hearing their voices at web conferences, it is nice to meet face to face.

After sitting two hours together in the train and share dinner I already had the feeling of being part of a team. It is a team of students from all around the World that share a common vision.

This vision contains three elements: resources, sustainability and a conference gathering people that do care – or at least we hope so. The mission of the student reporters is to spread the discussions and outcomes of the WRF out of the conference rooms, giving the opportunity to everyone to comment, ask critical questions and share interesting news – from insects to new business models – we will have reading matter for everyone.

Sunday – A rainy day welcomed us to Davos. It is a perfect day to prepare our blogging activities, as no one would dream of going hiking in the surrounding mountains.

After a little research under the rain that just started to fall we found the main entry. It’s a huge wooden façade with glass doors. I followed the team through the empty floors. Wine glasses already wait for the conference participants on long tables covered by white sheets. Every thing is clean. The only thing lacking is people. Expectation is in the air.

In a couple of hours live will fill the floors. Which subjects will be discussed? Sessions address topics as growth, innovation, green economy, assessment methods, or resources supply security. But what will be the outcomes of these discussions? Is it a talking conference or one that will seed innovative ideas in the mind of the participants and followers?

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  1. Welcome Majka, snow now replaced the rain, but the conference hall will be warm and cosy, and full of people. Lots of talks, sure, but lots of ideas as well. Let them come … We are ready.

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