Beef or no Beef – How green is the World Resources Forum?

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Save the best for last: at the very end of the conference, I had the privilege of interviewing Bas de Leeuw, Managing Director of the World Resources Forum about my favourite topic: Event sustainability. As Bas has a quite impressive background and is a changemaker and environment lover himself, listen to the interview to hear what he has in mind in how to make this event a “green” one.

Interview with Bas de Leeuw about the Carbon Footprint of the WRF2011 by Sandra Troegl by Studentreporter

I will link publications on the CO2 footprint of WRF 2009 and 2011 as soon as I get them – so watch out for updates!

5 thoughts on “Beef or no Beef – How green is the World Resources Forum?

  1. Thanks, Sandra! In the meantime it has turned out that the 2009 calculations have not been published yet, since they are incorporated in a scientific article, subject to peer review etc. But we are getting there. If any of your readers has a good organisation to recommend for compensating the CO2 emissions for our next event, I’d appreciate to hear.

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