A chinese point of view-Interviewing Pr. Yonglong Lu

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Pr. Yonglong Lu, professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences was invited at the debate on the 4th Workshop of monday about “The Rise of the Bio-economy: Chinese and European approaches”. His remarks were quite assertive – “China is not suitable for sustainibility criteria? I don’t think so”-or- “In fact, China is the first country to publish his national agenda 21”. And I was curious to know more about his point of view, so after the session, I interviewed him.

China challenging the sustainability issue-Yonglong Lu by Studentreporter

And even with simple questions about bio-economy, sustainability criteria, social accountability and chinese perspective, a question should have been asked : how can China reconcile as he says “economic, social and environmental aspect” ?

Even if China efforts seemed clear interviewing him, it took me not so long to find an article from le Monde and written by Brice Pedroletti. China receives the more polluting processes of the world chemical industry. The article points out the unwillingness of Chinese authority to tackle real environmental issues versus economic growth income. Fortunately NGO try to diminish the impact of such practices.

The following report from the WorldWatch Institute also underlines the issue of multinational polluters and the weakness of the implementation power of environmental laws and regulations.

Finally, do we have to blame industries for profitting from low environmental violations fees, or Chinese authority for being coward when it deals with foreign companies externalisation ?

Personnally, I think China seems to have a pragmatic environmental policy but when it appears to be foreign companies, the register seems to change…

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